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Industrial wipes Utility GL 800 carefully selected and composed of synthetic fibers, making it suitable for use in plants where required to retain a high level of hygiene and work.
In companies where calls particular attention to the economy and the total use of materials. The special structure of the surface wipes allows you to quickly and accurately collect, removing stains of organic origin and formed during the process.
Towels GL 800 does not contain cellulose, which can be used repeatedly in the process of maintaining auxiliary technological regime. The flexible material is easy to clean hard to reach places.

  • perfectly absorbs and removes dirt
  • low dusting
  • not scratch the surface and
  • soft
  • Suitable for use requiring high accuracy and precision
  • white


  • Production lines
  • workplace
  • tools
  • preparation of details
  • personal hygiene
  • for common tasks

place of use

  • pharmaceutical plants
  • food industry
  • medical industry
  • electronics industry


Colour white
Number of leaflets 475
Width (cm) 30
Leaf length (cm) 37
Overall length (m) 175
Manufacturer: KMS GLOBAL
Product code: GL-800

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