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Comfort and aesthetics of everyday work. Handy bucket for total mobility.
A practical, waterproof silicone impregnated cleaning cloth protects the hole from drying out and provides control dosage - one section at a time.
Ideally suited for cleaning various surfaces (eg, metal, glass, lacquer) with silicone, oil, grease, glue, paint, etc.
Perfectly removes traces of the markers of the window frames, not discolour paintwork

  • effectively removes silicones
  • very strong
  • perfectly absorbs and removes dirt, a high degree of absorption
  • low dusting
  • not scratch the surface and
  • tear-resistant
  • resistant to very high temperatures
  • Suitable for use requiring high accuracy and precision
  • works well with solvents
  • white


  • Production lines
  • workplace
  • tools
  • preparation of details
  • sharp edge detail



Colour white
Number of leaflets 256
Width (cm) 17,7
Leaf length (cm) 19
Overall length (m) 50
Manufacturer: KMS GLOBAL
Product code: GL-100

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